Sunday, October 3, 2010

Resigned to Fate or Deflated

Was it really surprising to have lost that game? No, not really. That still doesn’t mean there isn’t that deflated feeling after that. The same excuses can be thrown again, “we didn’t have van Persie, Verminator, Cesc, Theo etc. etc”. And yes it was “like playing Chavski without Drogba, Terry, Ramires etc.etc.”
It is still more than just a little frustrating to have lost. Other than the first minute where we had the two opportunities, the chavs always looked comfortable sitting on the couch watching us pass till the cows came home. The game went exactly as predicted: We dominate, you score and we lose. Always the same story. The more annoying part is that we KNEW what they were going to do. They’ve been doing this against us for a long long time and we happily played into their hands.

They showed the mentality of champions. They absorbed the pressure and almost nearly fired at will.

It generally seems from the Arsenal blogosphere that most Gooners are not that bothered and expected this. I understand that there is not much else to do but we mustn’t always have to settle for mediocrity by any stretch of the imagination. We should be beating the likes of the chavs, even if it can be argued that we didn’t have our “full squad”. The fact of the matter is that we have had 2 wins in 17 against them.

Gooners must realise now that there is no point shedding tears over the defeat for too long. We are not going to play them every week and we must remember that this fixture last year left us some 9 points behind. So at this stage of the season, 7 points is not an absolute mountain to climb. But there is still work to be done and the team must remain focused and determined.

Every team has a blip or two during the season, let’s hope that we’ve past our blip stage. We’ve got a game against Birmingham at home before Shakhtar and then Citeh. Let’s hope we can put some good performances in; It’s a long season ahead if things do feel THAT bad, spare a thought for the Anfield faithful who find themselves in the bottom 3 with geriatric owners and a Sunday to forget with a 2-1 defeat to Blackpool.

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