Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And They Say Being a Journalist is Hard Work…

Defeat against the baggies was surprisingly quite easy to take over the weekend as it’s one of the few occasions when we were outplayed footballistically by a team other than Chelsea or Manchester United and without the boring long ball, push and shove and hard so called “tackling” football deployed by Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce

Having said that, I came across the article in the mirror by Mike Walter. It contains all sorts of name calling and abuse towards Arsene Wenger and will no doubt have all the Anti-Wenger fans screaming with joy.

While many gooners are getting worked up about the words used to describe Wenger, I frankly find it almost embarrassing that the British media has sunken to a new low of name calling. Isn’t that something that we all remember from primary school days? If the site was blog for writers, then you can understand to an extent. However, reading through the article it seems to get more abusive and one wonders how a so called journalist lacks so much knowledge that he’s called the defeat an “all time low”.

Is Mike Walters serious? Or is he actually a 9 year old child that doesn’t remember recent football seasons. The West Brom defeat ranks nowhere near an “all time low”. Then I began to wonder on why a similar article was not thrown out when Liverpool lost to Northampton at home. Ah wait, of course.... silly me! Roy Hodgson is an English manager. Surely he can do no wrong!

After 6 games into the league we have tasted a first defeat and it was almost as if the media guys at the mirror were just aching to unleash an article that attacks Wenger. Instead all they have managed to do is advertise to the rest of Britain the low level journalism they can produce by gathering together an uneducated bunch of retards calling themselves “journalists” and giving them a piece of paper to doodle on.

They are quite clear in their support of the twitchman Redknapp and seem to believe that he is clearly the manager who’s words hold the trend to be followed in the footballing world. Hence, Harry’s name calling towards Wenger after being humiliated in the Carling Cup has caught on by the Mirror’s retards.

Fact of the matter is that atleast 18 of the 20 premier league teams in the country would jump at the opportunity to have Wenger as their manager and I doubt many would want to go bankrupt by having the fraud Harry Redknapp as a manager. But Harry’s red passport means that he can always have the mirror journalists following him around as if he is the messiah to save football from the cruel hands of evil genius Arsene Wenger.

To more important issues; tonight’s game in Serbia against Partizan Belgrade will be a difficult one. We are short of players that are fit to play. Nasri played 120 minutes in the carling cup followed by a full 90 minutes on Saturday and the same goes for Eboue. Koscielny was spared playing the full 90 minutes on Saturday as we pushed for goals late in the game. Jack Wilshere should be fresh enough to start, as will Rosicky and Fabianski.

This brings me to our once again keeper problems. I am not Almunia’s biggest fan by any stretch of imagination. However, credit must be given where it’s due and he performed well for us this season…up until the West Brom game.

Two big errors ended in a goal and everyone turned against him. It was disgusting to see the so called “Arsenal fans” making sarcastic noises towards him. These lacking 2 brain cells good for nothing fans don’t stop to think what it achieves to intimidate your own player! It’s baffling to even wonder what they expect. THE TRANSFER WINDOW IS CLOSED!!! Look it up in the dictionary if you don’t understand any part of that phrase!

Jeering your keeper will knock his confidence even further and no we DON’T have another keeper to stand in. I don’t understand what part of it all do some fans not understand. You’re not going to get another keeper so atleast support the ones we have. Manuel has done well this season and there is no denying last game he was poor. Further, bare in mind that he WAS injured through the 2nd half of the game.

Personally, I would quite like to see Szczesny play. Many argue that he is young and inexperienced. However, he seems to have faith in his ability and confidence is a very important factor in goalkeeping.

Just to finish off, take note all gooners: we can come out winning or losing by any amount of goals tomorrow but there will be no winning with the media for Arsenal. They will forever hate the Arsenal but it’s no reason to stop enjoying the football or supporting the team whole heartedly.


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