Friday, May 21, 2010

Strange Unveiling of Chamakh

After months of speculation and probably one of the worst kept transfer secrets in the history of the Premier League, we have at last finally unveiled our new signing - Moroccan International, Marouane Chamakh.

However, life as an Arsenal fan has been very tough in recent days and with all the circus surrounding Cesc's alleged move to Barcelona, there isn't a massive interest among the Gooners regarding Chamakh's transfer.

It is rather strange that Arsenal have decided to unveil the signing in the form of a private photoshoot and release the video on their website, rather than at the training ground or the Emirates.

As much as we try to not read into it too much, the mind cant help but to think that this is a step the club has taken to avoid being questioned about the Cesc Fabregas saga.

According to BBC Sport, Barcelona's sporting director, Txiki Begiristian, Barcelona have made contact and are waiting for an answer as to whether Arsenal are willing to negotiate a deal. Personally, the feeling is that Arsenal are either discussing a move for Cesc or are much further in negotiations with Barcelona.

If we were fully committed to keeping Cesc and were confident that he would stay, some statement regarding this ugly episode would have been released by now.

I am still in hope that the silent treatment is just a way of Arsenal FC saying "We have had enough and will no longer comment on this stupid rumour".
And as several gooners have pointed out that previously, we have made unextravagant unveiling of Vermaelen and this may just be following a similar pattern.

However, considering the recent events regarding our club captain, everything seems too much of a coincidence if anything.

Many bloggers have shed positive light on the advantage of selling Cesc and using the money to invest towards signing several other key players. And in an ideal world this is what every Arsenal supporter would want, should Cesc return to his hometown club. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger probably do not agree and it should not be too much of a surprise that come July/August 2010, Chamakh is the only signing we complete.

As always, the money we make from Cesc's transfer will be used to pay off the debt and sign a 15 year old midfielder. These are tense times as a Gooner, but most of us would hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ofcourse, we will only know the reality of it all come August.

Keep the faith.

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