Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Rule apparently not affecting Spurs and Theo in the 23

By Adil Khan

Last Thursday, European Football's governing body imposed rules regarding clubs having to spend what they generate per three season figures.

So UEFA have finally decided to put a long time frame that would ensure that clubs with substantial debt (which isn't being managed) are not given European licences.

Firstly, why it has taken that idiotic fool of a president Michel Platini years to enforce this is beyond me as the change in the financial state of football clubs kicked off when Roman FC was found West London in 2003. Any moron with more than a just brain cell could see where the footballing world was heading when big bucks were being dashed out as if £50 notes fly out everytime Abramovic goes to the toilet (I'd like to know what he's having)!

Secondly, this seems more of a ploy against the English clubs and the case has not been helped by Portsmouth FC’s incompetetent financial staff. It is hard to imagine Platini letting his Spanish mistresses get caught up in all of this. After all, can you ...correction... can HE imagine a CL year without Real or Barca? I wouldn't think so. His hatred for the English clubs and football on this side of the channel has been clear to see for many years so excuse me if I'm being slightly paranoid but I for one, hate that moron. One does wonder how he will deal with clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona who have the Spanish government to always bail them out

The hope is that this rule is exercised fairly. It’s certainly hard to see some of these clubs clearing their debt in the next 4-6 years so there must be a loop-hole for them to exploit. As a Gooner this news brings great joy and pride knowing that this will not affect us at all. I am not the biggest fan of our board sometimes but I have to give credit where it is due.

Now while we are on the topic, it has been mentioned that Tottenham will not be affected by this rule.
Can someone please explain how that is the case. Spurs buy a HUGE number of players left, right and centre and its almost as if they’re taking the piss at not being noticed by selling them all and buying them back for bigger prices. In November 2009 it was revealed that they had spent £150m so where do they make a profit? I know many argue and say they sold Berbatov for so and so but let's not forget, they NEVER NEEDED to sell him. They fought till the very end of that transfer window which means they are more than capable of paying him bigger wages to keep him at White Hart Lane AND sign more players. It's only this season that they have a chance to qualify for the Champions League and other than a carling cup, they never really won that much nor got very far in the Europa League, so how on earth are they ok? And it’s baffling as to why no media base ever question neither their dealings nor any word on their financial reports. It’s no wonder that they finally managed to get the fraud Redknapp tax as they’re manager.

Moving briefly onto Theo Walcott, John Cross (Gooner) of the Mirror summed him up nicely on the radio as “almost a very good player”, notice the word ALMOST. It was not until the end of the 08/09 season that many gooners were unhappy after his ignorance of Arsene’s advice. Not only did he play for the U21s that summer but also the first team (yes, once selected he has to play, but he could’ve said no to the U21s and Stuart Pearce would have excused him). So there was no surprise that he got injured after a pre season of no rest which resulted in Theo missing out on a good chunk of the season.

Walcott said recently that he feels he “deserves” to go to the world cup this time. However, watching his performance in the past 2 England games it seems Shaun Wright-Phillips out done all of Theo's work in 45 minutes by showing every bit of determination to make a claim for his World Cup place.

If Theo goes to the World Cup, it will be good for him but on the contrary, if he fails to make the final 23 on Tuesday, then it could be a blessing in disguise for Walcott’s career. He can sit back and have a long hard think about his performances and gain consistency to repeat the performances against Liverpool, Barcelona and AC Milan over recent seasons.

Keep the faith!


  1. I thnk theo has been unlcky 2 b critcised in d way dat d media has portrayd him. He has put d ball on a plate 4 sum of our Strikers bt unfortunate 4 us tht they dint finish. Nice blog by d way!

  2. i guess Walcott never made it then. lol

  3. I agree, media criticism is always a bit over the top that's why no one should pay any attention to it. My opinion is based on my observations alone because I hate the media.

    I don't feel sorry for him not being selected for the final 23; it's what he deserved even though he would've been good off the bench. I just hope he can learn from this and for once put Arsenal first instead of England.

    I don't want the Arsenal faithful to get on his back like they did on Song and Eboue. He will come good ... I hope.

    And, thanks Fraz :P

  4. Theo needs to get his head down and work hard. I personally think he will need to leave Arsenal to better himself at a Aston Villa.

    He for me is not mentally strong (may be proven wrong), he would be better playing in a 4-4-2 in a striking position. Which will mean Arsene having to change his shape.

    Walcott for me is not a wide player, Arsene is playing him there, but would probably like to play him as a striker, but Manager's do not have the time.

    Hindsight is a good thing, but when Arsenal lost some games they could of played him upfront with Van Persie or Bentdner.

  5. I agree with the points you've made but I do not see us selling him; not at the age of 21 anyway.

    We won't change our shape because if we did, there are others who would play ahead of Theo.
    Changing shape would mean we will need to buy a winger on top of every other position we need to strengthen.

    Arsene has said that he sees him as a striker but I don't see him playin as a CF or SS (not yet anyway) ... his best chance is as a WF but we haven't even played a 4-3-3 system once Robin got injured.

    For now, he's staying with us. All we can hope for is that he improves for our sake.