Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Twist Reveals Real story on Nasri's Contract Agony

Reports surfacing today suggest that over the course of the past year, there has been a lot of drama surrounding Samir Nasri’s future at Arsenal.

Last summer, Arsene Wenger suggested he was unconcerned regarding Samir Nasri’s contract situation at Arsenal. At that point, both Nasri and Wenger had reached a verbal agreement that Nasri will sign a contract extension by October 2010.

The Arsenal board however, failed to follow up on the verbal agreement between Wenger and Nasri and as the season progressed, no written contract was presented to Nasri nor his agent to tie the midfielder to the club.

The actions of Peter Hill-Wood and the board is likely to have angered Samir Nasri, who is again linked with a move to the Eastlands after Wenger suggested yesterday that he is unsure of the Frenchman’s future.

“It is not completely sorted that Samir will stay, but I want him to stay. He knows that. Hopefully we can sort that out in the coming weeks.” said the Arsenal manager.

Whether the Arsenal board had made the mistake of trusting a player with words or not, it is undoubtedly gross incompetence by the staff at Arsenal and not for the first time as comparisons are drawn with the Flamini situation that saw him seal a move to Italian giants AC Milan.

And there is sure to have been some manner of heated exchange at some point between the board members and Wenger over the future of his midfielder. Wenger rates Nasri among the top midfielders in the world and looks upon him as a key to Arsenal’s success as Barcelona continue to pursue interest in Fabregas.

It may seem elementary business conduct to produce written contract once there has been a verbal agreement, but chairman Peter Hill-Wood and Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis are likely to brush off the blame onto Nasri’s loyalty issues.

The coming weeks will be crucial in shaping Arsenal’s coming season. Arsene Wenger remains confident that he can hold on to the talented midfielder although Samir Nasri may have already made up his mind.


  1. nasri why are you doing this to wenger let me tell you if you dump arsenal, you will ever be the same nasri again.i have a dream end up like ADEBAYOR,FLAMINI, REYES AND all contrat rebels. selfish player.from GONATE

  2. wankerwengermustgoJuly 23, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    If Wenger was serious about strengthening the squad, he would have made commitments in the transfer market by now. He is just playing - with the fans and the "transfer targets". When the window closes - he will be able to say - "I tried, we worked very hard, but we could not close the deal as the terms were not acceptable"! See - it won't be his fault that we could not bring in new players. He will point the finger at everyone else. Typical Wenger!

    This is what he is doing with the Cesc/Barca fiasco. In the end he will say - we were willing to let Cesc go - but Barca could not meet our terms. Won't be his fault that we will have a very frustrated and disgruntled captain leading our team. He is already laying the foundation with comments about destabilizing clubs. He has started the ground work for the spin doctoring that will spew from him as the transfer window comes to a close. Just you guys watch ... He will blame Barca for the Cesc fiasco and say that Barca destabilized Arsenal and therefore they failed in the transfer market - or some shit like that. Thankfully, this will surely be Wenger's downfall and we will finally be rid of him by next season. Hang in there Gooners!

  3. whatever the reason Samir nasir must realised who brought him into the premiership.Arsene bring young men to arsenal then they turn thier back on him.At least no matter what the problem is Samir must think carefully coz city is buying any player available.the bought jerome Boateng etc how many games did he play.he's back in Germany now.waste of talents.Arsene also spnd to much time to buy a player.he must act swifly and fast when he identifies a talent.The board headed by Hill-wood must be abolished and bring some youg and enthusisatic men in not old etonians with old ideas.