Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arsenal's Cesc Appeal

1 month and 29 days since the Champions League draw and the noises from “that lot” in Spain has continued to fall in dribs and drabs. The ex-president of Barca, Joan Laporta (girl’s name) claims it would be “Justice” for our captain to return there. I’m wondering how much of a “justice” it was when they thought he wasn’t worth the effort when Arsenal “stole” him. The manner in which the media portray the situation, you would think Wenger carries around the guns from Armoury Square to different areas of Europe forcing clubs to give up their young talent.

Clearly Joan is bitter that he couldn’t sign Fabregas with the sickening bid that put in for him in the summer. To believe they bid £30m, the same amount for Cesc as Loserpool did for Carroll (girl’s name) is a complete farce. Wenger and the board done well to throw that back in their faces. If Cesc was SO valuable to Barcelona, perhaps they should have done more to keep him.

Why is it that only Fabregas and Pique were snatched while the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and co – all of whom were bright talents managed to stay put? It is not easy for a 15 year old to leave his home town, his family, his friends and move to England – a country that not many from Spain/South America fancy (take a bow Mascherano, Reyes and Robinho). Clearly, Cesc felt he had to move for his career to take off.

The bloggers over at Le Grove have produced the below picture, the words of which will be sung to the tune of “We’ve got Cesc Fabregas” tomorrow.

On to the game itself, the usual talk from all corners is that we will get a hammering based on the 2nd leg of last season where we played without…
van Persie

EVERY article/show I read/listen to ignore the fact that all the above, who are the spine of the team, DID NOT play the 2nd Leg and in fact most of the first leg when Gallas and Arshavin went off injured while van Persie did not play. We are then expected to believe that the media has no bias against Arsenal.
Barcelona will not find it easy as Arsenal will not show them the respect we did in the first leg. Van Persie is on form along with the captain and it looks likely that Nasri will be fit although I expect him to come on later in the game.

As far as Barcelona are concerned, in my view, David Villa is the biggest threat. He is a player that can turn just about any touch from anywhere into a goal and you would have to go back some time to find a player with that kind of a golden touch. The plaudits are always for Messi wherever you look. He is one of the best players in the world with magical skills deadly enough to kill off any team. He is a fantastic footballer and it is astonishing that with his style of play he is almost never injured. Whether that is a reflection on the physical nature of the English Premier League or the Hormone doses he had is a different matter. Surely it is not performance enhancing…is it?

Regardless, it promises to be a fantastic game at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow. Admittedly, with the quality Barca have at their disposal it will be massively difficult for us. Nevertheless, I will be singing my heart out for the Gunners at the Grove tomorrow and when I’m stood up in the skies at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona.


  1. i stand to be corrected but i think the team that played the second leg last year is totally different from what we have this time,except for Theo and Clichy.Scezny,clichy,eboue,Koscielny,Djourou,song,Cesc,wilshere,nasri/arshavin,theo,rvp.I predict a giant killing performance.go GUNNERS

  2. I agree that it is a different team. The squad has matured and Barcelona have another thing coming if they think it will be a walkover!