Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is the world going crazy or do all England fans aspire to the Walrus’ "footballing philosophy"?

A deserved victory to say the least for the Arsenal today; a difficult game and fat Walrus faced Sam Allardyce’s regular anti-football techniques (surprise surprise) almost got them something from the game.

Supporters and pundits in this country constantly babble on with the same old slur towards Wenger and Arsenal fans about how we want to play “pretty football” all the time and “it’s a man’s game”. Then these same dumb no brain-celled uneducated bunch of assholes complain why England don’t do well. Well here’s a hint – BECAUSE YOU APPLAUD PEOPLE LIKE SAM ALLARDYCE!!!!

Spain, the world cup winners won it because THEY PLAY FOOTBALL!! All this “putting your foot in” and “the English way” will get you nowhere and for the next 40 years England fans can look forward to being humiliated on the international stage as often as Harry Redknapp twitches.

How can you claim a right to even be considered as favourites in a major tournament when teams play route one long ball football?
A more funny story just emerging as I write this is that the gremlin face Tony Pulis complained to the FA because Wenger said Shawcross pushed Gomes in a corner. Oh boo-hoo, poor Ryan Shawcross will now have to be picked up by his mother and taken home to be breast fed incase he cries. Is this Tony Pulis for real? Under which law or rule do Stoke City expect to have Wenger punished? Graham Poll was on the radio saying how the incident should have been punished because it WAS a foul on Gomes. Why don’t they file a complaint against him?

The players from Blackburn and Stoke City and teams that follow the same “footballing” philosophy will never make it on an international stage and if they do, then expect them to make a fool of England in the international stage.
On to the game, credit has to be given to Theo Walcott (brilliant goal that actually made a hole in the net due to the sheer power on it) and more importantly – and this is not so often but Manuel Almunia. His decision making and strength in the box today was fantastic and one would wish if only he could do this well week in week out. His organisation of the defence as well as battling quality with dirty players like Chris Samba showed he may be finally maturing as a keeper. Ofcourse there is still a long way to go and the gut feeling is that he probably won’t be able to reproduce this on a regular basis.

Further credit has to go to Bacary Sagna. He didn’t have the best of seasons last year but he is once again showing the qualities he had when he first signed for us.
It was a sort of baptism of fire for Laurent Koscielny and he was at fault for the goal Blackburn scored. He decided to get too tight to E. Diouf and was left for dead as Diouf cut in to square the ball for the equaliser.

Andrey Arshavin is finally pulling his weight and showing steel rather than being lazy. Though he hasn’t had the best of games against Liverpool, he is putting in the effort and that is very important. If he can utilise the wider areas more often rather than always getting on to his right foot for a shot, he can create more. Nevertheless, he did produce a bit of magic using quick feet to take on 3 defenders within 5 yards and showed good strength being just 5ft 6” and up against defenders over 6ft.

It’s time to relive the game on Match of the Day and the feeling is jealous old Hansen will again slate Theo even though it’s now 4 goals in 2 games.

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